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Foreclosure properties have driven housing prices to an all time low. At today's interest rates, one can own at a cost equal to or below current rental rates while purchasing for as much as 30% below previous market value.

Homeowners have lost approximately 50% of their total equity, a first in modern history. This loss now equates to buying opportunities that have never been available to the general public.

The discounting of foreclosure properties as seen in the past four years is thought by most economists to have come to an end. This downward spiral appears to have reversed and most markets are seeing an increase in property values.

Remove fear and uncertainty from your investment and protect the value of home while locking in to all time low interest rates.

Buyers & Lenders Loss Protection


An Innovative Marketing and Financial Product.

Buyers & Lenders Loss Protection

Buyers & Lenders Loss Protection "BLLP" is an innovative marketing and financial program that protects the purchase price of a new home with CASH while REDUCING the cost of the real estate transaction.

Ensuring Market Value

A Tool to Combat Discounts

BLLP ensures Market Pricing and facilitates real estate sales and financing by placing cash or a cash equivalent in escrow at closing for a guaranteed period of time. These funds may be applied to both repay debt and protect against loss as a result of declining real estate values.

The Benefits of BLLP

BLLP brings stability to the real estate market. BLLP focuses upon the most important aspect of a real estate transaction, the value of the real estate asset and mortgage security.

Like most real estate transactions, the BLLP process begins with the real estate listing, but unlike traditional financing and marketing models, the BLLP transaction continues to benefit the buyer, seller, and lender well after the closing. In a BLLP transaction, the future value of the real estate is protected for up to five (5) years after closing.

BLLP protects the value of the real estate by creating an Equity Protection Account that is funded with cash or a cash equivalent at closing. In the event the value of the home declines and you resell within five (5) years after your purchase, the full amount of the Equity Protection Account can be used to offset any loss if your resale is for less than you paid. Most importantly to the Buyer, BLLP protects the home value and enhances mortgage security that allows for improved loan terms while lowering the home transaction costs for the Buyer! Insist that your next home purchase states the following:

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1 Bedroom, 1 Bath
810 square feet Condo
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1,051 square feet Condo
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3 Bedroom, 2 Bath
1,222 square feet Condo
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